Lost Element. Re-construction of the witch, 2022, VBKOE

Deep Woods Cold Winters, curated by Tzvetnik, 2021 Issmag Gallery

Paradise Garden, 2021, Einstellungsraum

Philosophy of the common matter, 2021

The Mess we're in, 2021

The Room, 2021

Spaces 2021

Ceramics 2021

cosmic poetics 2021

Non Fundo Do Mar 2020

Third Skin as a part of Cruel Summer Camp at Exile Gallery 2020

Of the bodies changed to other forms I tell, 2020

Erinnerungsinseln 2020

Roman archs, 2020

Kvartirnik, 2020

The Dawns here are quiet, 2020

Le città felici hanno l’architettura 2019

Treasure Island 2019 

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